Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ride on the River

I'm a little behind on posting some of our adventures, for many many many reasons that I may or may not get into here.  Suffice it to say, that life has gotten a little more complicated since our return to the United States.  

Our new/old hometown is on the banks of the Ohio River.  We can actually run to the river and look at Kentucky from our apartment, though I've been assured that we are above the flood plane. We've been discovering fun things to do all over town since arriving, and one of the best suggestions we got from my MIL was to check out the Pigeon Creek Greenway.  They have this amazing paved path all along the riverfront and back around behind the warehouse district and it just keeps going.  So far there are about 6 miles of paved trail, but eventually it will be an entire loop around the city.  

We chose to check it out on an especially warm fall family day.  We didn't think Mayzie would be able to ride her Laufrad long enough for the rest of us to actually get any exercise, so she got to ride on the back in her super cool seat.  The seat won't fit on my 1950s cruiser bike, so we put it on Andy's extra bike and I tried not to hurt us both while I attempted to mount the thing.  

Annika got to ride her own bike and was soo very proud to do it.  We accidentally ran into the parade downtown, mostly because we stopped to check out the GIGANTIC American flag that was flying from this crane.

Mayzie was pretty excited about the parade.  

We rode a full 1.5 miles on the trail, turned around, and rode back to where our car was.  For you math people, that was 3 miles of bike riding: not much for Andy and I but PLENTY for Annika.  By the end of it she was getting tired and asking to stop.  Naturally, when we actually got to the place where our car was, she didn't want to get off her bike.  She was finally persuaded with the promise of a snack.

While Andy loaded up the other bikes, Mayzie finally got a turn.  

It was another lovely family day out exploring our new town. 


  1. Wow, it looks so nice there. Didn't know Ohio was so pretty.

    1. The great state of Ohio is quite beautiful, but we live in beautiful southern Indiana now. Sometimes it is breathtaking.

  2. I wish I had your family's energy and verve! My bike tire has been flat for like 3 years.

    Shameful, Shameful Marianne

    1. And I wish I had a finished BOOK for sale! Surely you can find a handsome fireman to fix your flat tire when you're ready. :-)



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