Friday, December 7, 2012

Turkey Day 5K

For Thanksgiving this year, my sister-in-law and I decided to start the day with a race.  I was really excited to do it, until I remembered that my awesome-sauce super-mom SIL ran in the Chicago MARATHON only one month prior.  Then I started to panic a little, since I hadn't even been on the treadmill since coming home.  I trained for exactly 3 weeks, at the start of which I could barely run three whole miles.  My goals: stay with Lindsey for most of the race and finish under 30 minutes.  

I started out chatty.  
I got much less chatty around the one mile mark.  

At the 1.5 mile mark, I was oh soooo happy that Andy, Annika, & Mayzie were there cheering. 
Around the 2 mile mark, I huffed out, "Go ahead, I'll be fine."  

Near a turn, a very svelt handsome rested teenager wearing his finisher medal yelled at us to keep going, "only 600 meters left."  

I rounded the corner and could see the finish line down the long straightaway.  A local radio station was there at the end and just then they put on Van Halen's "Jump."  I turned to the lady running next to me and barely said, "I sure don't feel like jumping."  She smiled, and we plodded ahead.  

I actually mustered up a tiny sprint to the finish, which I didn't think I had in me.  

I crossed the finish line and headed straight for the grass, sure that I was gonna hurl and having a cross-country flashback.   I didn't hurl.  I did get tackled by 2 adorable girls who were still cheering for me.  

Here I am, not even attempting to look pretty and still nauseous, with my outstanding and inspiring SIL Lindsey.  (Apologies to her for THIS picture being the first one of her on the blog.)  I'm actually thankful for the crappy lighting so you can't see how red my face is here.  

Aren't our matching shirts cute?  Thanx Pinterest! 

Our outstanding cheering section! 

I did achieve both of my goals, though I'm pretty sure that aiming low was helpful AND that Lindsey purposefully stayed with me in the beginning.  She's so nice that she'd probably never admit it, but I know and it makes me smile on the inside to have a sweet SIL like her.  

Things I was thankful for in that moment: 
1. Not barfing  
2. An awesome SIL to run with me
3. A great cheering section
4. A well organized event
5. That I had remembered to bring ibuprofen in my purse.  



    1. I honestly feel like finishing a PhD is so very comparable to finishing an Ironman, AND I LOVE RADIOLAB! Thanks for that Stacey. :-)



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