Friday, January 4, 2013

A Little Bit of Berlin...

Everyone has their souvenirs that they like to purchase to remember the times they spent traveling. Having been to Berlin several times, this time we wanted to bring home some small things that would be daily reminders of our time there.

These are hanging on our refrigerator now.  

You can probably guess that we're still finding things in our mess of unpacking and going on with life back home here in the USA.  We've somehow misplaced a photo-print that we bought at one of the markets, but I'm convinced it will turn up.  Andy's mom teased us that she actually is hiding it and only brings it out when we're not around.  She's silly.  

We're also going to be ordering some prints of the AMAZING family photos that our friend Mike took for us while we were there.  I felt like a freaking GENIUS for getting them taken and sooo lucky to have an amazing photographer to take them for us.  Lucky Lucky Lucky!  

Back to dissertating.  


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