Sunday, January 27, 2013

For Theresa

Theresa is one of my oldest and dearest friends.  We were in actually in brownies together, and then played numerous sports together as we got older.  We crushed on the same boys and did some wild stuff while we were younger, most of which we're still keeping secret from our parents.  She suffered a Polish Catholic mother growing up who forced her to eat a banana a day and came to all of her sporting events and yelled loudly.  (FYI: I still love her mom, partly because every time I walked in her house she told me I looked skinny and then fed me.)  She has 3 older brothers, and a handsome husband who might actually know it all.  She and I will be friends forever and ever.

I had to miss Theresa's baby shower yesterday because a no-nonsense stomach bug hit our house, and by our house, I mean my brother's house where we were staying.  It was gnarly.  On Saturday Annika & I were down for the count, then Sunday morning my niece Emma went down.  We drove back home to Evansville instead of staying for the shower as planned, and 2 minutes after we arrived home, Andy was wrapped around the toilet.  We spent the rest of today recovering as well.

I was soo sad to have to miss the shower, but I did NOT want to get anywhere near my poor pregnant friend.  Being 8 months pregnant is bad enough, no need to make it worse by getting her sick.  I did make sure to drop off my gift as we hauled our sick butts out of town.  The homemade part of the gift was too cute not to share here.

Here are the adorable dinosaurs I made for Theresa's Dino-themed Nursery. Sorry I didn't put anything in the picture for scale, but here is the link to the patterns.   I hope she likes them*.

*If she doesn't, my kids want them.  Mayzie even already pre-chewed the tail of the blue one.  (Sorry Tree!)


  1. I LOVE THESE!!!! Please get yourself an Etsy store (is that it's called?) NOW so I can order some!! You can whip 'em up between mothering and discertating and marital functions. You like 3 am. Get hoppin'!

    1. I knit mostly so I can feel productive while watching TV and to turn my brain off from dissertation & mom stuff. I'll definitely think about the etsy shop though. Why not?



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