Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy This Week

1. RIO.  Andy took the kids to the library on Sunday and brought back the movie Rio.  Our girls have wanted to watch it every day this week and I have let them because it makes my heart so very happy.  I love the story of a bird finding his home and I love that it takes place in the place of our honeymoon.  The music makes me want to get up and dance and we've all been doing the samba around the apartment all week.

2. I had a great conversation with a friend that I have only recently reconnected with, at least partly as a result of this blog.  I was soo happy to talk to Erin yesterday, and it is amazing to me how quickly and easily we fell back into chatting like the old friends we are.  Even after 12 years of not speaking, some things never change.  That makes me smile from ear to ear.

3. Unusually warm days in February are nice, and I took advantage of it by taking the girls to the zoo yesterday.  I love going when it is pretty empty so that I don't stress about losing the girls, and walking the hills is certainly more fun than running on a treadmill.

They were sad we missed the Giraffe feeding time, but fine with climbing the sculpture instead. 

My little monkeys. 

Enjoying the exquisite orchids and flowers in the rainforest area.  

Annika liked them too. 
We even saw these amazingly confused and brave crocuses starting to poke up. 

4. Lastly, this morning I read a great post on Savage Minds about the ridiculous cost of conference attendance.  I've written about this before, and I know I am not the only academic who thinks that the entire process seems to be a racket and extremely classist way to exclude those of us who aren't rich.  Academic patronage is a relic of the past and we need to move beyond that idea.  If someone could help my adviser understand that too...well, that could be a post for another time.  

Happily hooking up with Elastamom today: 



  1. Yeah for happy lists!!!! Rio is a great movie...we own it and the party version! :)

    1. Ooo, what's the party version? Is there karaoke? DDR? I'm intrigued.



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