Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring is...

-Fragrant cherry blossoms on the trees that Mayzie calls snow

-Gloriously brave and sunshine-y daffodils standing tall despite the chill that's lingering in the air

-White, purple, and yellow crocuses hinting at the beginning of a new season

-Magnificent magnolia trees with bulbous beautiful pink and white blooms that never stay long enough

-Tulips poking their strong stalks out of the ground and holding their colorful heads up high

-the internal debate of when is too early to wear shorts

-that panic of "crap, did I miss that conference deadline already?"

-wondering when the pollen count will be high enough to make your sinuses fill--(soon, very soon)

-trips to Northern Europe to watch it all again from the beginning

I love the renewal that Spring brings with it, and a trip back to my fieldsite is just what I needed to be re-energized to dive back into the drudgery of finishing up this dissertation.   

Greetings from Berlin! 


  1. Greetings from Chicago - jealous, jealous Chicago that is.

  2. Hello!! Hope you're having a blast in Berlin!! :)



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