Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The View from Berlin

These are a few snapshots of my time here in Berlin.  Returning 6 months after I finished my fieldwork here has been the best thing I could have done.  I followed up with all of my research participants and got to see some friends here.  I had a great time getting to see my city again and feel completely re-energized about my research in a way that I could have never captured at home.  I love this city soo much and feel homesick for it before I even leave.

Research participants that don't want to have their pictures taken:

Silly girls that want to send pictures home to my kids:

SKYPE with 4 silly girls who all miss each other and 2 parents who miss everyone on the other side:

Lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in a long while:

Doing actual follow-up research at my favorite after-school help spot:

Lunch with my favorite au pair from the USA:

A beautiful lilac sunset at a photography exhibit peopled by dozens of hipsters:

The best bartender at a photo exhibit EVER handing out free adult beverages:

Playing with a lovely freshly minted 5 year old:

Yummy Turkish drink that tastes like bubblegum: 

Great conversation about "Why is Kanye white?"  at H & M:

New documentary that follows a German language integration course:

It has been an amazing trip filled with love and laughs and hugs and a little bit of crying.  This trip has refueled my passion for my dissertation.  Just by seeing my research participants again and getting to spend a little bit of time with each of them, I am reminded why my work is so important to share with the wider community.  I see how these teenagers live and want everyone to know about how complicated and wonderful their lives are.  I can't wait to move on from my methods and background chapters and really get into the meat of the beast (aka: my dissertation).  

Seeing my friends here has also been amazing.  It is so nice to be loved from around the world and fly thousands of miles to get hugs from familiar faces.  I'm always surprised at how easily I fall back into normal patterns with friends that I haven't seen in months (sometimes years).  This time I've been more surprised by the ease with which German rolls off my tongue now and how my brain switches without me noticing.  Some words still trip me up, but then I find myself forgetting the English words and inserting German into my conversations.  I never thought that would happen.  

This time tomorrow my plane will be taking off from Berlin.  I'll be sad to leave but happy to finally be going home.  It has been an amazing 2 weeks.  The view from Berlin is full of wild parties, wonderfully interesting people, relaxed Sundays, sunny picnics, budding spring, and one researcher refilled with promise and energy. 



  1. Love the photos so much!! So glad that you had a wonderful trip and got to enjoy time with so many friends!! :) --The Dose Girls

    1. It was a great trip, but I'm glad to be home.

  2. The sunset was gorgeous!!! So good to spend time with friends :)

    1. I think those hipsters really made the picture though. :-)

  3. Your trip sounds amazing, and I can't wait to hear more about what you researched. What an incredible adventure! I hope you have/had a safe trip home!

    1. Safe and sound and totally out of shape...oops. Got to get back on track!

  4. Where did the discussion end? Why is Kanye white? :)

    Sounds like a great trip! Love the pictures!

    1. We found it particularly hilarious that he looks like he's crying AND that it is an officially Kanye licensed product. Kanye approved even.



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