Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Color Party

I LOVE linking up with the #iPPP girls! 

In the last 7 months I have made exactly 4 friends here that I didn't know previously and that I'm not related to.  I met Jenny through a college friend, and we became quick friends, not just because of my interest as a medical anthropologist in her benign brain tumor.  Jenny's quick wit and sarcasm propelled us into a fast friendship that is seriously keeping me sane during this not-so-fun process of writing my dissertation.  Jenny is a former English teacher, she introduced me to David, and then we both attended David's birthday party together with Jenny's awesome husband Kyle.  

David is an English teacher and "photographer," though I think we've convinced him to stop using quotes when he talks about his artistic outlet.  David instructed us all to wear one color and be ready for portraits.  It was a color portrait party that I won't soon forget at this amazing venue PG.  

Jenny went with purple. 

I wore orange. 
I just LOVE this picture of us, other than the fact that I look completely out of it. 

David had this amazing set-up for the portraits, and gave us all great directions.  
Here he's directing Kyle in the green.  

After my portrait session, I got a quick shot with the photographer.  
Note to self: Suck it in next time! 

It really was a beautiful birthday party filled with color and love for David.  You can go check out the portraits at the special website David set up just for the occasion of his 27th birthday.  

P.S. I'm totally loving my new phone that took these pictures.  Hint: My husband can now bump phones with me to send me stuff.  This alone boosts the cool factor for me. 



  1. Super cool idea for a photo shoot! Love it!-The Dose Girls

  2. New phone, new friends, new hair....WOW. Just don't forget us old folks. You know. The ones who pee themselves. LOVE the pics!

  3. now THAT is a cool birthday party! Love your hair and FABULOUS on the new phone!

  4. OMG love the idea for a color themed party! And bumping phones is pretty cool. :) xo.

  5. Sounds like a fabulous party! I've seen commercials for those bump phones....way too cool!!

  6. That's so cool! What a great concept for a party. And the pictures are great.

  7. That is an awesome party idea! SO much fun!



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