Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dissertating Mommy

One of Mama Kat's writing prompts this week is to write a post in just 12 lines.  I'm not counting this introductory paragraph, but I hope I'm not breaking the rules.  The topic of my 12 line challenge is: 

Dissertating Mommy

Writing a dissertation takes discipline. 
Writing a dissertation while being a primary care giver for girls ages 3 & 5 takes Chutzpah.  
Data analysis is going well, though not as fast as I would like or need.  
I WILL get this chapter done by the end of the month! 

I miss seeing my husband; I usually walk out the door when he gets home from work. 
Dreaming of being done keeps me going, but dreaming of my dissertation makes me sad. 
My daughters have no idea what an anthropologist is or what I do when I work. 
I want to make my family proud, and seriously hope I really do have something worthy to say.  

I'm starting to put some coals in the fire for the future, and getting excited about possibilities. 
I will spend 1/2 of August and all of September writing applications for grants & postdocs.  
I actually enjoy writing applications, which makes me a little weird even for an academic.
It is really hard to make long-term plans when everything is seemingly in limbo all the time.

Hang on for the ride girls. 

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. Great job! I am tired for you, but good for you for planning your future and taking on such a big challenge!! :)-Ashley

  2. Major props to you for pushing ahead, even with the little ones! I have a 1/2 finished FAFSA for my Masters' but I worry about doing it and being a mom, too.

  3. The thought of writing a dissertation makes me a little queasy. Good luck to you!



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