Friday, August 2, 2013

Germania Volksfest

The west side of Evansville is VERY proud of their German heritage.  Every year they have a Volkfest to celebrate in real German style, and we just HAD to check it out.  Naturally I was a little skeptisch; after all, we DID live in the real Germany for a year.  I was excited to see the American interpretation of German tradition, which almost always means only Bavarian tradition, but oh well.  

The first surprise: I got carded!!  I was so ecstatic to get carded that I made Andy take a picture of me with the guy who carded me.  He was appropriately named Kurt and was wearing Lederhosen.  

As soon as we walked in to the Germania Maennerchor hall, it felt more German already.  There were rows and rows of tables filled with people eating sausages and the smell of sauerkraut in the air.  Beer was flowing in abundance and there were kitschy German proverbs painted on the wall.  I instantly started speaking my German niceties, and nobody even batted an eyelash.  

See: kitschy German proverbs. 
My translation: "Where people are singing, you can relax.  Bad people don't have songs." 

The beer tent was definitely authentic! 

Andy chowed on pig's knuckles and cuddled with his favorite co-worker. 

David and I had a GREAT time doing the chicken dance with a crowd of old people!

Sponsored by REAL German beer that they actually served. 

By the end of the night, Kyle and Andy were seriously over me taking pictures, but I'm chalking it up to the amount of beer that they consumed in the few hours we were there. 

The need to work on their ticket spellings though! 

It was a beautiful night to be outside drinking beer in a celebration of German culture.  The lack of glass glasses and broetchen certainly gave the location away, but I adored the atmosphere anyway.  Perhaps a new tradition is brewing in the Melch house!  I MUST mention that Annika & Mayzie were at Nana & Papaw's house for the night, which is what made this whole outing possible.  Thanks guys!  

So 2 thumbs up for Germania Maennerchor's Volksfest 2013!  #WeAreEVV


  1. If I got carded I'd not only get a picture, I'd make the carder do a video re-creation of the event to record it for all posterity. You look adorable and so young! No wonder you got carded!
    It looks like a great event!! Hooray for the Volksfest! (even if the ticket people can't spell it) --Lisa

    1. It was a seriously great time, and only could have been better if you Dose girls were there Lisa!

  2. Looks like a great time! And I make out with anyone who cards me. It's just kind of my rule.



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