Tuesday, September 3, 2013

3 BIG Events Yesterday

Yesterday was a BIG day in the Melch house for 3 reasons.  Here they are in chronological order.

1. They FINALLY announced who is going to play Christian Grey.  Charlie Hunnam has been in my Top 5 ever since I watched the 1st episode of Sons of Anarchy.  Hey plays a great tortured gorgeous bad boy already, so Grey won't be too much of a stretch, though he will be going noticeably up the class scale for his new drama family.  I'm drooling already, and I haven't even read the 3rd book.  Please note: Academics can read smut too!

2. Our girls got to experience their first power outage.  We were reading stories on our bed when all of a sudden we heard a loud boom.  The power went out and the girls immediately started asking questions.  I love that they got curious instead of scared!  I checked the fuse box just to make sure and we wandered outside to check to see if our neighbors were also without power.  They were.  Thankfully there was still enough light outside to finish reading our books before bedtime, so we did.
Side note: They are currently outside banging around, fixing the power lines, so I'll shortly have to relocate in order to get ANY work done today, the only day that my girls are gone all day.

3. We finished reading the stories and Annika had already climbed into her bed.  I said, "Come on Mayzie," and then it happened.  Mayzie jumped down from our bed and bonked her mouth right on the corner of the nightstand.  She did that silent scream and I got a bad feeling.  I snatched her up and held her tight to my chest before I laid her down on the bed to inspect the wound.  Of course there was a ton of blood, so Annika started freaking out.  I told Annika to calm down and get me a rag.  She brought me a piece of toilet paper, so I went to grab a washcloth.  When I wiped the blood away, I saw that Mayzie had bitten through her lip and that our perfect record of never having been to the Emergency Department was in the toilet.  I called my MIL who came to pick up Annika at the ED.  She's really awesome like that.  We didn't even get a chance to sit in the waiting room before they took us back.  The doctor came in, pronounced possible cosmetic stitches necessary, and I said, "let's do this."  Two stitches and an hour and half later, we were out the door.  Mayzie didn't even shed one tear; she's so brave.

Such a big Labor Day for us and I didn't even mention the fair we went to in the morning and the swimming in the afternoon.  Did I mention that Andy was out of town at a Concert?  I was worried (excited?) that he might not leave me home alone with the girls for another weekend, but he assured me that he has the utmost confidence in my mothering skills.  DARN!

How was your Labor Day?  Did you do anything fun and relaxing?  Are you drooling over Charlie Hunnam too?


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