Tuesday, September 17, 2013

#iPPP Brains

We've got brains.  Yes we do.  We've got brains.  How about you?  

Here we have Supergirl, standing on something she's not supposed to be on at the children's museum, while her princess sister stares up completely fascinated by the lights inside the brain sculpture.  

I love this picture for so many reasons.  First of all, it was taken at the birthday party of dear friends of ours.  I love that Annika found a way to do something she isn't supposed to at a museum specifically designed for children.  I love that Mayzie is somewhat oblivious to Annika and in her own little fascinated world.  I love that this was taken during the brief hours long interlude between each of my girls being feverish and sickly.  Most of all, I love this picture because of the giant brain sculpture that occupied my girls for at least 5 whole minutes of intrigued bliss.  

It serves as a great reminder for me that their brains are growing and shaping in ways that I can't even comprehend at this point.  My words and actions must be chosen carefully, lest I teach them unintentional lessons.  The pressure of parenthood can sometimes be a little overwhelming.  I remember the initial freak-out over the fact that I was now responsible for raising these tiny little beings, and it really hasn't waned as they get older.  Their opinions and knowledge are still so shaped by what we teach them, though I know that won't always be the case.  But for now, I'll keep their little brains in mind whenever we are interacting, and try to remember that my words and actions are a part of the way that they will be shaped over the long term.  

P.S. We LOVE to play Zombie around our house, and routinely "eat" each other's brains.  This could also be an explanation as to why the girls are so fascinated with brains.  Annika even asked me this morning how brains stay together and a fun anatomy discussion ensued.  Yeah, we're that kind of family. 


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