Monday, September 9, 2013

One Year Ago

One year ago, we were still living in Berlin.  
Andy had JUST left to go back home again in Indiana already working at the job he still has.  
Our friend Ruth was in Berlin for the first time, working as our nanny for our last month there. 
The girls were growing bigger all the time, and were happily taking Ruth on a tour of all the local playgrounds. 
I was frantically running around Berlin gathering data for my dissertation and being continually drawn apart by my interviews and my want to be home with my girls.  
I was having a really hard time being away from Andy. 
I was in love with Berlin and was having a hard time even thinking about leaving.
I cried, a whole lot, about leaving and out of frustration with things at home that were still in chaos. 
It was a tumultuous time, see this post. 

I can't believe how little these girls look!!

I am stronger for having gone through it. 
Upon reflection, it was one of the most difficult, challenging, and rewarding parts of our Berlin adventure.  
I MISS RUTH, who now lives in Colorado.  
I miss our friends in Berlin.  
Funny enough, our old nanny Tali comes home this week after having spent a year as an au pair for our friends in Berlin.  
Life is complicated and fun and stressful and amazing all rolled into one big ball of whatever you want it to be.  
I'm a happier me for having had these experiences.  

One year from now?  Who knows where we'll be.  Isn't that intriguing and fun and stress-inducing all at once?  As always, I'm trying to enjoy the ride and laugh along the way. 


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