Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pardon the Interruption

I'm currently almost busier than I have ever been in my life.  I have so many things in the pipe-line that need my attention, and sometimes I find myself completely overwhelmed as my shoulder muscles start spasming.  This is no fun, but it must be done.

I write this not as a lame attempt at sympathy.  No "poor Hillary" necessary.  I'm happy as can be working my butt off, despite the ever present somatoform stress expressions.

This month is always nuts for Academics that are on the job market...and yes, I've decided to put myself out there after much convincing by several professors in my department and others.  I don't feel prepared, but that's fine.  If you know anything about Academic hiring processes, this means that I'll spend time preparing my applications for submission by their various deadlines (most within the next month).  I'll then get to wait, which really means getting back to my dissertation.  I'll hear back in November if I get to be interviewed, and will most likely interview at the AAA meetings in Chicago.  That's a pretty quick turn around really, all things considered.  So IF I got an interview and dazzled them, then I would be invited to probably another round of interviews.  IF I got past those, then I would be invited to come give a lecture to the department presenting my work.  All the professors in the department would "engage" me as a scholar (read: pound me with questions that I should or should not know the answers to).  I'll get to schmooze with the department, and then fly home to wait again.  And wait, and wait, and keep my fingers crossed.

In addition to the faculty positions I'm applying for, I am also applying for postdoctoral positions at several universities, 2 writing post-doc fellowships, and 3 independent research postdoc fellowships.  Didn't you know that I'm ambitious?  Perhaps a bit too much for my own sanity.

Again, I'm writing all this down more for posterity so I can look back and laugh at how silly I was for stressing out about all this stuff.  I NEVER want to give the impression that I am part of the holier-than-thou-Oh-so-busy club.  I hate that club.  I hate what they stand for.  I hate the super-American-ness of it all, and I refuse to be a part of it.  I want to document this for myself.  I want to write this so that my family understands why I'm not calling or answering the phone so much, and why I always look tired.  I want them to be proud of me, but more than that, I want to be proud of me.  I know that going balls to the wall (pardon the expression) is really the only way that I'm going to be satisfied with myself.

So pardon the interruption if I don't get around to publishing as much as previously.  I'm busy being a Mama PhD, and loving almost every minute of it.

P.S. Be proud of me: my dissertation is seriously starting to take shape now with almost 1/2 of it finished!


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