Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Great Moments in Parenting

I come out of my dissertation cave to bring you a great moment in parenting. 

It happened last night.  Like many nights, Mayzie snuck into our room and woke me up to cuddle.  Like most nights when this happens, I was feeling too tired to bother to get up and put her back in her bed.  That was my first mistake.  

We snuggled down.  I took a deep whiff of her hair, as I always do when my girls are close.  I closed my eyes to go back to sleep, and then it happened.  Mayzie convulsed once, and I immediately opened my eyes and sat up a bit.  It was dark, but I felt the slime of vomit running down her cheek.  I sat her up and then it exploded everywhere not once, but at least 5 times.  It was all over me, Mayzie, my pillow, the bed, the wall, and even a bit on a sleeping Andy’s arm.

 I yelled, “ANDY!”
(How does this guy sleep through everything?) 

He jumped up and into action, and Mayzie kept spewing.  I’ll spare you the details of the puke, because I’m sure you can imagine yucky puke that sticks to you when you stand.  <Insert gagging here>

I grabbed Mayzie and headed straight to the bathroom. I plunked her in the bathtub and stripped her down while she pointed out all the vomit that was on me too.  I cleaned her up while she shivered, and eventually got all the chunks out of her tangled hair. 

When we walked back to our bedroom, Andy was almost done making the bed with new sheets and blankets.  He’d already put the dirty ones in the laundry, including the koala that Mayzie had been holding when it happened. 

This was NOT fun.
No really, it was disgusting, and a parenting moment that nobody wants to remember. 
But I want to remember it. 
I don’t want to remember the nasty vomiting mess of crying that it was.
I DO want to remember the divide and conquer approach that Andy and I immediately took.  I want to remember our teamwork in a crazy 1am situation.  Did we stop to talk about it and make a plan?  Nope.  We just did it.   That was a great moment in parenting.  That was 10+ years of partnership working in harmonious cooperation.  It was gross, but beautiful at the same time. 

Aaand now I retreat to my dissertation cave. 
Due January 6th

I’ll sleep after that. 


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