Friday, February 14, 2014


Today is my dad's birthday, so it's only appropriate that I write about him instead of some schmulzy stuff about the live of my life. BTW: whenever my dad says anything about Andy, by usually follows it up with, "and you be nice to that man. He's a good one!"

Let me start by saying that my dad is far from perfect, and he'll be the first to tell you. Including my mother, he's been married 4 times. I like to think of him as an eternal optimist and believer in true love. #4 is our favorite for him, so much so that we told him we'd keep her if he ever divorced her. But thus isn't about the awesomeness of Val, I want to write about my dad.

My father is one of the most patient people I have ever met. I've honest to goodness only ever had him raise his voice to me a handful of times in my entire life, which used to be frustrating to me but now I appreciate it. Just never go skiing with him.

I can always count on my dad for sage advice when it comes to parenting, and he is an outstanding listener. He always told me growing up to get the most education I could, because that was something no one could ever take away from you.  I may have taken that one a little too much to heart, but I know he's so proud of my academic accomplishments. 

My dad is a fisherman.  He's still learning about saltwater fishing, though he HAS lived in Florida for years and years.  Dad is also a geriatric social worker, and by that I mean he talks to elderly people not that he is one yet...though he IS 65 today.

My dad is sweet and sensitive and weepy when it comes to his family. He has OCD, more compulsive than obsessive  which is sometimes annoying, but somehow my step mom seems to keep him busy enough with projects around the house to keep it mostly in check.

My dad is one of the most fun people in the world to travel with. He's always up for an adventure anywhere, & he's only now starting to maybe meet any sort of physical challenge he can't defeat. I certainly got my wanderlust from him.

I lived with my dad from the 6th grade until I left for college, and can say with some certainty that he is one of the worst cooks in the world.  His dry chicken, tuna noodle casserole, and chitlins might be the reasons I became a vegetarian 16 years ago.  Thankfully Val takes care of him now in that department.

That is my Dad in a nutshell. I really do love that man with all of my heart, and I'd better since half of me IS him for sure. I wish we got to see each other more, though Skype helps that some.  I was so lucky to have such a great example for a father, and I credit him for my ability to NOT have a daddy-complex and to be able to pick an awesome mate for myself.
Love you poppy! Xoxoxo
(Please stop crying already dad!)


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