Monday, October 27, 2014

What's up?

Hey there.  I promise I didn't forget about you lovely readers.  Things are in motion, and moving quickly at that right now.

Yes, I'm on the job market.  I've applied for jobs all over the country again: academic jobs and industry jobs and all manner of jobs that I am qualified for because of my degree.

Yes, I'm also teaching at the University of Evansville.  I'm teaching 2 sections of the same class, and I'm loving it so far.  I love teaching.  I love being around college students' energy.  I get them, and I have so much fun talking about health and wellness issues with them.

Yes, I'm working as a doula.  I've been attending births, and they continue to be as amazing as anything I have ever witnessed.  I will be attending one more birth for my DONA certification, and will be a certified doula before the end of the year.  But there is something else going on with my doula life.  I'm starting a group business with 2 other local doulas!  This is super exciting for so many reasons, not the least of which is because we'll get to be on a call schedule and we can take on more clients together.  Check out our group website:

Here I am all ready to head into my first C-section! 

September 1st, we moved to a new apartment in Newburgh, IN.  If we end up staying here, this is where we will buy a house.  That is one reason for the move, but the other reason is the SCHOOLS! We loved the teachers and administration at Annika's last school, but the other students and parents definitely left much to be desired.  We LOVE the new school! Annika loves the new school.  All things considered, like the fact that we moved approximately 5 miles down the road, we are very happy with where we are right now.

Andy got a new job! While he did love his old job, he had started to get a little too comfortable.  This new company sought him out and he made the move to a bigger company with more responsibility.  At the beginning of his 3rd week, he's still a little overwhelmed, but slowly easing into his new position.

The best news: The girls are both doing GREAT! Mayzie is still at Totten Hall and loving Pre-K.

Annika is an awesome 1st grader who is already reading at a 2nd grade level & rocking her short do. 

So, what's going on in your neck of the woods?  Busy busy with school days?  Eating bonbons on your couch while watching as much HGTV as possible?  

Whatever is going on with you, I hope you are well.  I will definitely try to write a bit more often, but no promises at this point. :-) 


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