Thursday, March 5, 2015

What I've been up to...

I'm not even going to apologize for not posting more, because...well...LIFE happens.

I've been busy working with my friend Katharine McKinney to bring Listen To Your Mother to Evansville.  We have a cast and are now working on all the finer details of putting a show together for the very first time.  Holy mackerel is there some work that goes into it.  Good thing we are passionate about this show and making it the best that it can be.  Also, it is such a good thing we have some great mentors to help shepherd us along the way.

I'm teaching at UofE again this semester, though it looks like I won't be teaching the same class in the Fall.  Departmental restructuring cut the list of adjuncts to zero, so I'm happy to know it isn't because of anything I did.  I really LOVE teaching, and will be really sad if I don't get to do it at all next year.  That being said, I also will be fine if I don't teach at all.  It isn't like adjuncting pays the bills or that there is ANY glamour in it whatsoever.  I honestly do it because I love teaching and love being around college students.  Their energy is contagious!

Doula work has been going GREAT.  I've had some amazing clients that I've loved working with so far, and I find myself becoming more and more excited about this kind of work the more I do it.  The Doula Group of Evansville is getting off to a great start to the year, and I could not be more excited to get this business up and running smoothly.

What else?  Well...LIFE.
I'm writing an RO3 that's due next month.
I'm trying to help an awesome fund get off the ground with some truly inspiring women.
I'm going to start using my grant writing skills for a local non-profit that is dear to my heart.
AND...well, who knows what else I'll try to cram on my plate.

This post is all business, but I desperately want to get back to writing my heart more than anything right now.  I'm juggling too many balls at the moment and getting worried as I approach this revolving door while walking backwards that I might drop one at any moment.  This, coupled with my normal anxiety, could be a recipe for a breakdown at some point, but certainly not before May.  There is just too much to do before then.  I know I should slow down, but honestly, this is my normal right now.  Slow moments are typically fleeting in my life as sitting idle is not my forte.

Am I overly ambitious?  Probably, but I'm trying to take the 20 years perspective, which isn't always easy, but is almost always worth it!


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