Friday, July 10, 2015

My Listen To Your Mother Essay 2015

You can now watch a video of me reading my Listen To Your Mother essay on stage at our first ever Evansville Listen To Your Mother show:
If you'd rather read the essay, you can do so here

I am so honored to have been able to share my story live on stage and here in this pubic forum.  Being a producer for the inaugural LTYM show in Evansville was a complete honor, and we are already looking forward to next year! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mayzie Faye is 5!!

5 years ago today, I became a mother to 2 girls.  My waters broke at 2am and the contractions were already 5 mins apart and very strong.  3am we arrived at the hospital after Andy drove 80mph while my legs shook the whole way there.  3:30am a very grumpy OB checked my cervix without introducing herself & as she walked out of the room I yelled, "And that's why I have a midwife!" 3:45am the midwife arrived and I instantly felt better. I labored in the shower & eventually made my way to the bed.  As the midwife & nurse were looking at my leaking fluid and wondering if there was meconium in it, I got scared and was convinced something was wrong. So I pushed once. Char (the midwife said, "She's crowning, get my gloves." I pushed again. She yelled, "QUICK!" Her head had emerged.  I pushed one more time and out slipped Miss Mayzie into the waiting bare hands of Char, who later thanked me saying that she hadn't caught a baby with her bare hands in 20 years.  I held my girl at 5:20am and was ever so thankful for the short but hard labor. 

Now she is 5. She is going to her first Zoo camp all by herself next week.  She gets to fly all by herself all the way to Florida to visit her Poppy and Noni the first week of August.  She starts Kindergarten on August 12th. She's growing up so fast, and loving it all the way. 

Mayzie is vivacious.  Mayzie is imaginative.  She loves to play with small figurines and make up stories.  She sings in the car to the music and sometimes songs that she makes up.  She is sweet and sassy and ever so girly.  She insists on wearing a dress every. single. day.  I am so lucky to be able to spend so much time with this amazing little being that they say is mine.  She and Annika play well together, despite their 2 year age gap and VERY different personalities.  She is precocious; she told me the other day in the bathtub that she was concentrating her mind. She is a giant among her age group, often being mistaken for a 7 year old. 

She doesn't remember living in Germany at all, which makes me a little sad.  She loves to look at pictures of her birth and of our time in Germany too.  She loves with all her heart and makes friends easily but cautiously. She is opinionated and smart.  

Happy birthday Miss Mayzie Faye! We will love you forever and ever and ever! 


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