Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Business Insider Article
Stereotypes are not evidence! 
"So what women are being criticized for–using ‘just’ when they make requests–is not a form of excessive feminine deference, it’s a way of being polite by displaying your awareness of others’ needs."

I agree whole-heartedly agree with this linguistic analysis.  I don't want women to speak like men.

What I DO want however, is for women to stop demeaning other women through the use of the word JUST.  Recently I have been criticized for being JUST a doula. Funny enough, I wear so many hats right now that I'm starting to lose track.

Here's a short list of the things I am JUST:
A small business owner
An adjunct instructor of Anthropology
A social media updater
A non-profit grant writer
A board member
A research grant writer
A book writer
A rally coordinator
A doula
A mom
A wife
A daughter
A sister

These are the things I'm JUST juggling right now.  I'm honestly loving it.

One last thing though, when it comes to the things I'm JUST, I take them all very seriously.  I am a very educated person.  I continue to learn every single day.

Don't tell me that I don't keep up with the scientific literature when it comes to maternal and fetal health. Don't tell me that I don't keep up with medical anthropology literature. Don't accuse me of not being able to critically read this literature.  Don't try to refute my scientific evidence with anecdotal stories and opinions.  These are not valid arguments! JUST don't!


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