Wednesday, May 25, 2016


My husband is jealous of Alexander Skarsgard.  Yes, you read that right, my husband is jealous of Alexander Skarsgard the gorgeous actor of True Blood fame.

It started out small.  I was very late to the True Blood fandom.  In fact, I watched them all on Amazon Prime as the last season was beginning.  I love campy shows.  I love shows about vampires. I love hunky men. I love Louisiana culture. All of these factors together meant that I was undoubtedly going to be a True Blood fan.  This isn’t even mentioning the fact that I have a thing for tall northern European men. So the lust for Alexander Skarsgard was pretty much guaranteed when I first watched the show. 

Sure, I’d seen him around in other things like What Maisie Knew and other movies.  But it was absolutely True Blood, especially Season 4, which cemented my celebrity crush on this hunk of burning Scandinavian man.  It doesn’t hurt that he does things like raising awareness about the environment or that he doesn’t mind being naked on camera.  Many of my fantasies involving him have us drinking Akvavit after a fabulous meal and talking about all things intellectual.  (Please note: I actually have no idea if Alexander Skarsgard would be into this kind of conversation, but the made up guy in my head certainly does.) The things that I actually know about this famous man could barely fill a pamphlet.  The only things I know about him are very public knowledge.  I am not a super-fan looking up everything on the internet there is to know about him publicly available.  I am not stalking him.  I just have a celebrity crush. 

I wrote this little screenplay a few years ago about the top 5 celebrities list as featured on a Friendsepisode.  You know the one: the top 5 celebrities you would get a hall pass for if you ever had the chance to be with them.  Yes, it is silly.  Am I ever going to meet Alexander Skarsgard who has topped my list since my foray into True Blood fandom? Chances are VERY slim considering I live in Indiana and he is a world famous actor. Does he top my list? Absolutely!

Andy is jealous because of a few things.
1.      Last year at Listen To Your Mother Evansville I used my computer for a slideshow and music for before and after the show.  At that point, a picture of Alexander Skarsgard happened to be the wallpaper on my laptop.  The end of the show came, and somehow my wallpaper was being displayed for the entire auditorium to see, including my husband who was sitting in the 2nd row.  I wasn’t even embarrassed, but he sure was!
2.      I may or may not talk about my top 5 list on fairly frequent occasions, so naturally Alexander Skarsgard comes up. 
3.      I sometimes mention his name in conversations, mostly about tv & film. (I blame Andy for this one, because we absolutely started watching Vikings at his request, and there is a Skarsgard brother in it, which naturally leads me to thinking about Alexander.)
4.      Finally, a lovely picture of Alexander Skarsgard is currently the wallpaper on my phone and sometimes I talk to him…because I’m a little strange.

This jealousy is completely hilarious.  I adore my husband, and in fact besides swooning for Alexander Skarsgard on occasion, I think of Andy pretty much constantly.  I will in all likelihood  NEVER meet him.  He is a simple celebrity crush and nothing more.  This is not to belie the beauty of this handsome intelligent famous man, rather to say that in reality, I much prefer my husband who doesn’t get followed by TMZ.

So husbands of America, take heart.  Alexander Skarsgard is not going to be running around stealing your wives. (At least I don’t think he is!)  He has much better things to do than to seek out and bed the thousands of fans that want to see him naked in person.  In fact, celebrity crushes are good for marriages sometimes in my opinion!  I know I surely get a little worked up when I watch a sexy episode of True Blood!  As long as your wives are not running around wherever TMZ reported Alexander Skarsgard to be last in order to find and bed him, you honestly have nothing to worry about. That is the beauty of a celebrity crush. 

Final point, though Andy does not mention it regularly, I KNOW that he lusts after Jessica Alba on the regular.  I KNOW that he watches old episodes of Dark Angel sometimes just to watch her in action.  Do I get jealous? NO! You know why?  Because I always know he’s coming home to me!

We’re crazy about each other, and it shows! 

Celebrity crushes are funny, but should they lead to jealousy within a relationship? 
What do you think? 


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