My 40 x 40 List

  1. Go zip-lining
  2. Go skydiving 
  3. Knit a sweater for Andy
  4. Finish my dissertation & graduate with my PhD
  5. Go on vacation with JUST Andy.
  6. Run a full marathon
  7. Buy a house
  8. Go to Hawaii
  9. Foster a Child 
  10. Write a screenplay 
  11. Turn my screenplay into a novel 
  12. Collect at least 2 more stamps in my passport
  13. Go to Wine Country with my Mom 
  14. Have family portraits taken 
  15. Put pictures in all my beautiful scrapbooks
  16. Learn to sew
  17. Go skiing again, and learn to love it. 
  18. Own a headboard
  19. Have a birthday party for me
  20. Try going Vegan
  21. Test drive a fast car
  22. Attend a gala event 
  23. Publish 2 academic articles 
  24. Get a job that I love 
  25. Find the perfect little black dress
  26. Find comfortable black dancing shoes to match
  27. Learn to be a better swimmer 
  28. Get a dog
  29. Write a letter to the editor
  30. Participate in a Zombie Run
  31. Meet a famous person Kat Mykals totally counts! 
  32. Switch to natural cleaning products
  33. Learn to speak basic Turkish
  34. Get a research grant
  35. Go bungee jumping
  36. Plant a vegetable garden
  37. Learn to Tango 
  38. Ride on a Motorcycle 
  39. Knit Christmas Stockings for our family
  40. Perform 108 Sun Salutations on an Equinox or Solstice 


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