Here we are near the beginning of our time in Berlin

Here we are near the end of our time in Berlin

I have a PhD in Medical Anthropology, and my amazingly supportive family accompanied me to Berlin, Germany for a year so that I could conduct my dissertation research.  While I spent my days doing research and writing, Annika spent 1/2 days at a German preschool, Mayzie was mostly confused, and Andy held us all together.  I am the only one of us who went to Germany proficient in the German language, though I frequently found the limits of those skills.  This blog chronicled our adventures in my most favorite city in the world, that we got to see from a new perspective: as parents of small children. 

Our year in Berlin was most definitely one of the biggest adventures we ever embarked on as a family, and now we're on to a new one. We moved back home again to Indiana, specifically to my husband's hometown.  I've never lived here before and I've never lived surrounded by so much extended family and so far away from my university.  Adjusting back to life in the USA has been a challenge.

I work as a doula at The Doula Group of Evansville, am a co-leader of the Evansville Birth Network, am the Listen To Your Mother Evansville producer, freelance writer & editor, adjunct professor, and all that only when I'm not wearing the hat of a cruise director, chauffeur, personal chef, maid, or any of the other jobs of a work at home mama.  Life is busy, but I like it that way.


  1. I've always found that, in some ways, moving to a new place (even if it's in the U.S.) is an anthropological experiment in and of itself. Participant and observer.

    1. It is absolutely true that you can't turn off the anthropologist inside no matter where you are.



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